Huawei Black 1Sim GSM Landline Telephone

BUY NOW Price: BDT 1650.00

Huawei Black 1Sim GSM Landline Telephone

This Device Is Like A Modified Landline That Is Powered By Any GSM SIM Card And Contains All The Major Features OF A Standard GSM Mobile Phone Such As; Phone Calls, SMS, Ringtones, Alarm, Radio, Calculator, Security Lock, Speed Dialing, Phonebook etc. It Is Ideal For Home, Offices, Factories, Warehouse etc.


- Support All GSM Networks In Nigeria.

- Powerful Rechargeable Battery.

- Support Handle Or Hands-free Call.

- Can Receive And Send SMS.

- Speed Dialing To Call By Just Clicking A Button.

- High Capacity Phonebook Space To Store Contacts.

- Numerous Polyphonic Ringtones.

- Automatic Power On/Off Feature.

- FM Radio, Calculator, Security, Alarm etc.

- And Much More!

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